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Introduction of Bonus Points

Bonus Points Summary

In order to reward our VIP members for your love and support, worked out the preferential policy: bonus points=discount
1) Once registered as a regular member (regular VIP) of , you will get 200 bonus points.
2) Bonus points determine your VIP Rank but can not pay any part of your payment.
3) You can enjoy VIP discount (depending on your VIP rank) when you purchase next time.
4) There is no limit to the times you use the bonus points, which means once you become a VIP of a certain rank, you will enjoy the responding discount for ever!
5) The consumption amount can be cumulated.
6) You can get bonus points by buying any of our goods, such as gold, items, account, CD-Keys, and power leveling service.
7) The bonus points are open to all the four kinds of currency: USD, GBP, Euro, and AUD.

How many points can you get when purchasing ?
1USD=10 points, 1GBP=16 points, 1Euro= 15 points.

Consumption Amount
Bonus Points
(Per USD)
Consumption Amount
Bonus Points
(Per GBP)
Consumption Amount
Bonus Points
(Per Euro)



















Over 200


Over 200


Over 200


We have four ranks of consumption sum: 0-50, 51-100, 101-200, and 200 above. Let’s take USD for example. If you consumed 50 $ in buying goods from us, then you will earn 500 bonus points (10 bonus points for each dollar). If you consumed 51$, or 60$, or 99$, or any amount less than 100$, then you will earn 51*11=561 bonus points, or 60*11=66 bonus points, 99*11=1089 bonus points. The same is true of the rest two ranks.

How is your VIP ranked?

VIP Rank Bonus Points Discount

Junior VIP



Medium VIP



Senior VIP



Gold VIP



Platinum VIP



Diamond VIP



We have six VIP ranks here. Namely, if you register as a you will get 200 bonus points, but you can not enjoy discount when purchasing in future. If you have 3000 bonus points, you are our Medium VIP, then you can enjoy 2% discount when purchasing in future. And if you have 15000 bonus points, then you can enjoy 10% discount when purchasing in future.

Please note that your bonus points can be cumulated. Namely, if you got 1500 bonus points last time, and get 1600 bonus points this time, then your total bonus points are 1500 + 1600=3100 bonus points. Now hurry up to become our medium VIP and then you can enjoy 2% discount when purchasing next time.

Help Center


Welcome to Our Help Center, here we have professional and superior service with you around the clock.

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions for you.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:What kind of payment types can I choose to pay for my order on your website?

A: We accept payments by paypal, Western Union, money order as well as checks E-checks.paypal is our preferred method of payment though ,if you do not have one, you can also pay by credit cart, such as Visa MasterCard, Discover and American Express is also acceptable. What sort of information shall be included with my payment. Q:What information should I include with my payment?

A:You must include your character's name, server and faction to avoid unnecessary

delays. We will not be able to deliver anything without your character's name.

Q:How long does it take for me to get the gold after I have made the payment?

A:As for the delivery time, enjoys the applause given by its loyal customers for having been so quick and secure. To make this online transaction be safer to be carried out, some certain degree of verification will have to take place,such as E-mail as well as call verification. But once the payment goes through, shipment will be ready for you.

Q: May I know in which way the gold shall be transferred ?

A: Gold you ordered will be transfered to your character by face to face delivery.Thank you for your cooperation.

Q: Do you have any refund policy if I didn' t get delivered for my order?

A: Yes, we do. If we are failed to contact the customers or cant finish the order, the order will be hold and 100% purchase price will be promptly refunded.

Q:How secure is your service? Is it safe if I release my account name and password to you?

A: Yes. At, we take safeguarding your personal information very seriously. All staff members hold a profession standard in our service provided. We have developed strict policies to guarantee our customer's privacy. The only person can access your information is our teamleader. Once the raids are completed, We will advise you that the service has been completed and that you should change your password as a precaution

Q:Will using your services ban my account?

A: No. We have been selling items to hundreds of customers in wow games. Our customers have never been banned using our services.You just go into the raids with a team and get the items.

Q:Why I haven't received my order yet?

A:(1)Your order has some trouble,we need double check it by phone.or you can call me.
(2)Your character is wrong,please tell me the right one. Your faction and server is wrong,pleae tell me the right one.
(3)Your payment is pending,it needs 3-7 days to clear.When your payment is cleared,we will send the gold to you as soon as possible.
(4)Because we can not contact you in the game,you have not received the order

Q:How do you derliver the gold?

A:We will trade with you face to face in the game.

Q:How much gold you have in stock?

A:There are enough stock for you,you can order first,when we are ready,we will contact you in the game.If you are offline,we will give you a call or email.No need to worry you miss your order.Please fill in the right information,when you place the order.

Q:Why do you need a phone number?

A:In order to deliver the gold to you in time,we need your phone number so that we can contact you at any time.

Q:How to send money with Western Union?

A:It is simple to send money in person through Western Union. Just follow these steps:
Step1:Go to a local participating Western Union Agent Location.
Step2:Fill out the required form.Then, simply show the Agent clerk your identification card.
Step3:Give the Agent clerk the form, cash and sign the receipt.
Step4:Get the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) from the receipt.
Step5:Go back to Live Help with the MTCN and your order details.After the verification the operators will arrange the delivery of your order.
Our information is as follows; First name:Rui,Last name:Xia,City: Hefei, State: Anhui, Country: China. is a diversified service provider operating the world's largest secure network of buying and selling sites for massively multiplayer online game virtual currency, powerleveling, items, cdkey, accounts and other assets on the Internet.
Through our website, you can not only get your WoW-Gold fast, cheap, and 100% secure, but you can also purchase Epic-mounts, T10/ S8 items, Power Leveling, Accounts and many other game currencies for Aion online, Eve online ,Final Fantasy FFXI etc. Spare you nerves, save your time, only partake in the really fun aspects of the game. We'll take care of the rest.
Our commitment to you is to provide you quality services that cater to your every need. From the delivery of our products, to the support provided, we promise you an online shopping experience like no others.


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